The much deserved API Rewrite has been completed after months of experimentation and development!
Have fun with the increased usability and stability, developers!
You can now upload GIF avatars. Must I say more?
Now you can get a more accurate visual of where a user is on the website via their profile!
You can now have friends.
Must more be said?
Anyone whom has used the site for longer than 2 days should notice the shiny new profiles!
These profiles have been redesigned in order to be more streamlined and generally more beautiful!
Thanks to the new technology that I've been working on, you can now edit comments! Made a mistake and want to change it before you embarrass yourself, but don't want to delete and repost it? Edit! The editor works exactly the same as it would when posting a comment, but it instead edits the comment.
User profiles have been overhauled. Now you can use a beautiful Markup Editor to make your Message Comments and other content more beautiful.
2FA has been implemented into the site!
To activate it, open your Profile Editor, and click the "Enable 2FA" tab. It'll then give you a QR code to scan with your preferred 2FA App.
Alphabetized the User List, added status token to avatars.
Allowed whitelisted users the ability to upload GIF avatars.
Improved comment simulation.
Added client-side verification to avatar uploading.
A bunch of minor updates have been made to the site, such as: User Number on User List.
Avatar previews on the user editor.
With the implementation of the new API, some new features are now possible. Such as the inclusions of the Online Status system! Whenever you login to the website, the website will AUTOMATICALLY manage your Online Status.

Applications can also manage your online status, should you give them your API token!
Have fun!


I've implemented a BRAND NEW API for the site! If you would like to use it, please post on Matthe815's profile, asking to use the API. If we decide you're a good candidate for usage of the API system, we'll accept you and you can create a new Application to use for the API. You'll also have access to a JS library written by us with the ability to effectively access all API routes!